Our Sustainability Commitment

We believe in a healthy environment, so we can curate the best possible natural ingredients for our beer. We do this by using high quality organic ingredients, brewing sustainably, and giving back to mother nature.


Using high quality ingredients

  • Organic hops and barley
  • Crystal clear Scandinavian water


Brewing sustainably

  • All beers from our brewery are 100% organic and production is CO2 neutral. A CO2 recovery plant has also been installed to use the excess CO2 produced during fermentation in packaging.
  • 50% of the brewery’s energy comes from their own solar cells, with the rest of their energy needs covered by certified fossil-free wind and solar energy.


Giving back to mother nature

  • We’ve installed solar panels to harvest the sun’s energy.
  • We’re offsetting our carbon footprint by planting trees every month around the globe.