Jai Ho Beer and Thai Food Pairing

Food Pairing

Jai Ho Midday Craft Lager

Oysters and clams and lager, oh my! Seafood and Thai cuisine are no strangers, but have you experienced the wonder of a lager and seafood pairing before? If you want a truly special pairing, treat yourself to a Thai seafood curry washed down with Jai Ho’s Midday Craft Lager. If you feel like more standard drinking accompaniments, you can’t go past some fried pork or Thai grilled chicken teamed with Jai Ho Midday, leaving your palate refreshed between mouthfuls.


Jai Ho Midnight India Pale Ale

The palate cleansing qualities of Jai Ho’s Midnight IPA make it the perfect accompaniment for fatty, heavy Thai dishes. Not only will Jai Ho midnight cut through the oiliness of a fried speciality like Khua Kling, the citrus notes of the IPA will also bring out the beautiful flavors of the kaffir lime leaves often served with Thai dishes. It doesn’t stop there, we can’t forget about the irresistible Thai curries. Pairing Jai Ho Midnight with a heavy yellow or green curry will prove a delight! By cutting through the heaviness of dishes and cleansing your palate, Jai Ho Midnight IPA will leave you feeling refreshed when paired with Thai cuisine.