Jai Ho Beer and Japanese Food Pairing

Food Pairing

Jai Ho Midday Craft Lager

The refreshing taste of Jai Ho Midday Craft Lager will give you relief from the heat of Japanese dishes. A great accompaniment with grilled meats, Midday can also be paired with teriyaki dishes for a true flavour sensation. If you’re ready to heat things up and get smoky, Jai Ho Midday Craft Lager is a great accompaniment for yakiniku, katsuoboshi or simply smoked salmon.


Jai Ho Midnight IPA

The iconic Japanese katsu curry could not be more perfectly complemented than with Jai Ho Midnight IPA. The contrasting sweet, salty and thick curry sauce bathing a crumbed piece of pork or chicken, is perfectly balanced by Jai Ho Midnight’s bold, hoppy bite which brings out the rich flavours.