Jai Ho Beer and Curry Pairing

Food Pairing

Jai Ho beers are a universal delight when paired with your favorite foods, from spicy to savoury, from the East of the world to the West, we have you covered.
Whether it’s Midday or Midnight, pairing these flavorsome beers with complementary curries creates a harmonious balance for your taste buds. The combination of Jai Ho’s premium beer and delightful cuisine will not only heighten your dining experience, it may just change the way you dine forever!


Jai Ho Midday – Craft Lager

This Craft Lager compliments paneer and mild vegetable curries, balances the creaminess of coconut based curry and butter chicken to make these pairings a sure fire hit. As meals become more rich, the softer flavours of Midday begin to get lost. As you move into spicier territories, like tikka masala, we’d suggest moving on to Jai Ho Midnight.


Jai Ho Midnight – India Pale Ale

Hoppy beers paired with fried food simultaneously create a mouth-watering experience. From pakoras to samosas, the oilier the better! The crisp and light finish of Jai Ho Midnight will leave your palate refreshed and have you craving for more. As you move onto the main dish, we recommend a biryani or a chicken tikka masala as Jai Ho Midnight’s bold, hoppy bite will bring out their rich flavours. If you like the heat, the bold taste of hops will also amplify the spiciness!