Jai Ho Beer and Cheese Pairing

Food Pairing

Jai Ho Midday Craft Lager

Soft cheese and Jai Ho Midday Craft Lager compliment each other beautifully. The summery notes of Midday will leave your mouth delighted when contrasted with soft cheeses. The creaminess of brie brings out the citrus notes of Midday, a smooth compliment on any cheese board. The earthy aromas of brie’s funky cousin camembert pair in perfect harmony with the soft flavours of our Craft Lager. If you’re enjoying a wide variety of cheeses, start with Midday and soft cheeses, then bring Jai Ho Midnight IPA out for the hard stuff.


Jai Ho Midnight IPA

The bold citrus notes in Jai Ho Midnight IPA complimented by bitey, sharp cheddar will highlight the acidity in the cheese and have you craving more. Once you’ve made your way through the cheddar, try pairing our IPA with blue or spicy pepper cheeses to have floral notes unfold before you. If you’re lucky, you may even get flavours of elderflower from the right creamy blue cheese.
A Midnight IPA paired with the sweet, caramel notes of an aged gouda, can come together to taste of spring, as the IPA brings out the acidity in the rich cheese.