Beer as Medicine

Health Benefits

Reaching for a brew to quench your thirst, squash stress and obliterate anxiety has been part of cultures for centuries. If you’re a hops lover like us, you could be in luck. Drinking beer like our Jai Ho Midnight IPA or Midday Craft Lager could potentially have benefits beyond stress relief.

Thousands of years ago in China, people put their trust in their herb garden for medicinal plants.
Plants such as hops were used for both herbal medicine as well as added to their rice brews.
They were certainly on to something back then as hops, one of the main ingredients in beer, have been shown to be helpful to treat insomnia, anxiety, depressive symptoms and as sedatives. However, it’s important to note that these results were gained using concentrated hops, not beer, in research studies.

Check out some more health benefits of drinking beer in moderation in the infographic below.

Infographic outlining some health benefits of beer

Image source: Food & Wine.

You could also improve your sleep quality by drinking beer.
Have you ever felt a bit bleary-eyed after drinking a few IPAs? This could be due to the hops which are generally found in greater concentrations in India Pale Ales, like our Midnight IPA.
Women have even been shown to have improved sleep quality and decreased anxiety by drinking non-alcoholic beer with hops at dinner, according to a 2012 research study.
It should be noted though that the beer was non-alcoholic and drinking alcohol, including beer, may have negative effects on anxiety and sleep quality.

Now we’ve seen how beer can potentially help your sleep, let’s look at the nutritional value of beer.
Beer is more than just empty calories, it contains a unique combination of nutritional values including antioxidants, calcium and potassium. This combination of nutritional values could stand to make your beer more nutritional than your average rum and coke!

While these are great insights, there’s a fine line between gaining potentially medicinal qualities from beer and drowning them out with over indulgence. Consuming too much of any alcohol can have a detrimental impact on the liver, regardless of whether it contains ingredients which can help boost your health.
Treat beer more like a supplement and drink in moderation and you’ll be on the right path.